The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

I’M BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH YET ANOTHER MASK REVIEW (hey, I have super oily skin, they’re an essential for me, okay?)

The Run Down

Price/where: Click me!
Keep reading to see if I think this was worth the price!
Skin type:
All, unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in this mask (list can be found further down below).
Skin types who should avoid:
None, unless you have very sore, inflammed, infected acne (whenever I apply this on top of such acne, it can be uncomfortable and irritating) or have an allergy to any of the ingredients listed below.
SPF: None

Scent: The most distinctive smells are of clay and sunscreen (not surprising, seeing as this contains Kaolin (type of clay) and zinc oxide (a common sunscreen ingredient).
Dry time: N/A but in terms of the warming sensation, this comes immediately as it has contact with your skin (you’ll feel it on your fingers too) and then disappears within three-five seconds (alike most warming masks)
Ml: 100ml | 3.3 US fl oz.

Packaging: Nice and simple squeezy tube that works best with this particular formula. In the chic style The Body Shop usually has with all of it’s packaging. 

The Details

Formula: Liquid with a medium thickness which immediately becomes hot upon contact. Okay, not a Nandos extra hot grilled chicken burger sort of hot, not even close! (Damn I’m hungry.) More like a hey, I’m feeling all snuggly and cosy in my blanket with the heaters on in winter sort of hot (PS who can’t wait for fluffy socks weather again?! Comment below.)
Coverage and Pigment: It does the trick. Despite it being a thicker liquid formula, it doesn’t drip down your face like melted wax (although not sure why on earth you would have melted wax on your face but I recently saw that “100 layers of melted candle wax on my face” video – nuts, right?!) I mention that it doesn’t drip because the consistency reminds me of honey which drips off of my face like no tomorrow.
Build ability: Great, I always put on way too much mask by habit, like masks are about to go out of fashion, but this particular mask still doesn’t drip down my face or feel heavier. The feel on the skin remains the same.
Feel on the skin: Like sunscreen, which for us oily skinned people is one of the worst feelings ever because we start worrying about it clogging up our pores! Read The Ingredients section to see if this actually will clog those pesky pores or not!)
Finish: The mask literally just looks like a crap tonne of milky sunscreen lotion on my face (as you can see below, it’s a very wet look too). After removal, my skin doesn’t look even slightly different. Honestly, my face wash makes me look and feel better and more refreshed this mask.

The Claims

– The Body Shop (online)
“Warming, to open pores for deeper cleansing”
– The Body Shop (packaging)

Oil Absorbing? To be very brutally honest, no. I have level 10 oiliness (yes, yes, here she goes again about her level 10 skin but we’ve got to welcome our newcomers who may not know that!) and this just doesn’t absorb my oil. This is because the main oil absorbing ingredient is Kaolin clay, which, from personal experience and research, is too mild to really absorb oil at the level that those with oily skin require! It’s the type of clay that works better for those with dry/normal skin types.
Cleansing? I do find that it cleanses my skin both gently and without drying me out but I don’t really feel like my skin is clean.  

Opens the pores for deeper cleansing? First things first (I’m the realest, Iggy Azalea anyone?) you cannot open pores. I repeat – YOU CANNOT PHYSICALLY OPEN PORES. Nor can you close them. (Life as we know it must suddenly seem like a massive lie!) All you can do is clean pores to visually make them appear smaller. So when you steam your face, this is softening the dirt bunged up in there to make it far easier to remove and it is NOT opening them up. This is what warming masks attempt to do when “opening pores” but in reality, the warming sensation does nothing to benefit the skin, it’s just a nice pampering element. 

The Best Way to Use

Step One: Cleanse your skin with a non-drying, mild facial cleanser and pat your skin dry.

Step Two: Dampen the skin and apply a generous amount onto the face (10p-50p size or quater-50 cents – experiment and see which amount works best for you.)

Step Three: Leave on for five-ten minutes if you have dry or normal skin and ten-fifteen minutes if you have oily or combination skin.

Step Four: In inwards, circular motions, wash it off, going from the bottom of the face, up. You can use a saturated flannel to do this but it isn’t necessary, it washes off very easily.

Best tools: Your fingers and maybe a facial flannel.  

Best way to remove: Just rinse.

Can it be used wet? Yes (apply on dampened skin.)


The Ingredients

PEG-8, Zeolite, Glycerin, Kaolin, Methyl Gluceth-20, Zinc Oxide, PEG-220, Algae, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate, Curcuma Zedoaria Oil (Zedoary Oil), Zingiber Officinale Oil (Ginger), Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon Oil), Linalool, Eugenol, Limonene, Benzyl Benzoate, Citral, Coumarin, Cinnamyl Alcohol

Zeolite: This ingredients is what causes the warming sensation.
Kaolin: A mild clay, making it suitable for all skin types as it isn’t too drying or intense like other clay masks (such as Bentonite or Fuller’s Earth clay, for example.) Then again, not the most effective clay for those of us with combination or oily skin types (I feel like I’ve said that about a million times in this post, I swear I don’t hate Kaolin, it’s just pointless for my skin type)
Algae and Ginger Oil: The only other ingredients apart from Kaolin that may provide benefits to the skin to help cleanse, purify and better it.
Cinnamon Oil and Ginger Oil: May cause irritation if you have sensitive skin or, as I mentioned at the start, you have sore, inflammed, infected acne. On top of that you have…
Far too many irritating fragrances in this, including eugenol, linalool, limonene, cinnamyl alcohol and citral. 
So it feels like sunscreen, huh? But will it clog?
Dear, English Teachers, if you’re reading this, don’t curse my use of but at the beginning of a sentence xoxo
This formula is very unlikely to clog, the majority of ingredients are non-comedogenic. It’s only algae that may pose a problem which can be very comedogenic (that’s right, not the sunscreen ingredient, zinc oxide, boo yah)! So it shouldn’t be too much of an issue but do test it somewhere discrete, we all have different skin and react differently to ingredients. 

The Bottom Line


  • Nice warm sensation, perfect for a winter pamper day.


  • Not oil absorbing. Kaolin just is not strong enough to properly absorb the oil on the skins of those who actually get oily. 
  • Nothing revolutionary in terms of skincare for those with dry/normal skin either. If you have either of these skin types, you’re better off just using pure Kaolin clay masks.
  • Potentially irritating for those with sensitive skin or extremely sore acne. 
  • Not super cleansing, my daily, mild face wash beats this by miles.
  • Both immediately and over time, it just doesn’t improve my skin. 

Who would like this best: Those who…

Want a mask for pampering purposes.

Have minimal issues with their skin. 

Worth the money: Honestly, unless you intend to use it as a pamper mask, then no. There are far better masks on the market, especially if you have oily/combination skin, have sensitivity or are prone to acne. 

Will I use it again? Personally – no, not even as a pamper as it’s slightly irritating for my sensitive skin.

Overall rating: 1.


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