5 Cheap, Easy Ways to Remove Ingrown Hairs + an Immediate Method

Whether you try all of the below or experiment with a few, there will definitely be something that works for you.

For my before & after pictures, scroll to the bottom!


Sitting down for long periods prevents the skin from both breathing and growing space as it’s squashed against a surface. As a result, the hairs have to forcibly grow against your seat and well, they aren’t made of steel so low and behold, the ingrown hairs!
Tight clothing can have a similar effect but it’s a lot more likely with sitting down because you’re pushing weight against your thighs/bum that the hairs are trying to push against. With tight clothing, it’s only really the clothing’s pressure they have to combat against so skinny jeans and bodycons are fine but ease up on the compression fitness clothing and spanxs.

WHAT TO DO: Get up every so often and give the bottom of your thighs/ bum a quick massage. Let’s not squirm, it’s yo arse, it’s not a crime to massage it.


Seems like most skin issues are caused by lack of moisturisation -__- but anyways, I have very dehydrated skin and as a result, the dead skin cells pile up and create a harder surface for the hair to break through. It’s the same concept as sitting down for too long; the hairs aren’t strong enough to push through the dead skin and so ingrown hairs form instead.

HOW: moisturise in the direction that your hair grows so as to prevent clogging the hair follicles and avoid any comedogenic formulas.


Moisturising will only get you so far. You need to be actively sloughing off that dead skin to keep the pores cleansed. There are four ways you can go about this:

A. Use a liquid exfoliant (best). Go for LEMONS, LEMONS AND MORE LEMONS!
B. Exfoliate moistened skin with a brush.
C. Use a scrub.
D. Dry exfoliate with a brush.


You know you’re guilty so hands up and off of the razor! Shaving disrupts the shafts and growth of hair, can remove moisturise from the leg (vs waxing or epilating), can cause clogging with depilatory creams and so forth. Hello ingrown hairs!
BUT, and I’m kicking myself for saying this, if you are absolutely desperate for a quick-fix for the same day, shave but only and ONLY as a last resort measure.


Just like your face, any part of your body can get congested – bacne anyone? A good idea is to use salicylic acid to decongest built up dead skin as this will be more effective than a scrub. No need for anything expensive, crush up some aspirin into water until you’ve made a paste and apply it where the ingrown hair is. Leave for 10-15 minutes and swipe away BUT DO NOT WASH. Don’t leave this potent concentration for longer so as to avoid salicylic acid toxicity but don’t wash it off so as to retain the benefits.


Now I’ve only been implementing these techniques for around 2-3 weeks so my legs aren’t 100% cured but considering what they did look like and what they now look like, there’s such a HUGE improvement in such a short amount of time!


Now a combination of all of the above, especially NO. 3 & 2, worked wonder for me but if all else fails, perhaps it’s time to look into some store bought ingrown hair solutions:

Bare in mind, however, most solutions aren’t cheap compared to lemons and I can’t guarantee how well they’ll work as I’ve never used them before nor have I analysed their formulations.
So basically,

when life gives you lemons, rub them all up and down ya body!

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