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‘Diamond Milk’ Gloss Bomb – Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


Is this item bought by myself, sample PR or sponsored: bought by myself

The Run Down:

  • Price: UK £16 / USA $18 / Australia A$30
  • Quantity: 9 ml/ 0.3 fl. oz.
  • Skin/ lip types who can use this:
    Generally all, unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients (see below for a list)
  • Skin/ lip types who should avoid using this:
    None, again, unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients (see below for a list)
  • SPF? Contains no SPF
    (contains some mineral ingredients also used in physical/mineral sunscreens but these do not constitute sun protection within this product – their use is purely cosmetic)
  • Scent: Sweet, candy-like (“peach-vanilla scent” –
  • Dry time: n/a, this product does not ‘dry’
  • Made in: USA
  • Cruelty free and vegan: “Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free” (
    Cannot confirm the product is vegan – some of the ingredients can have both animal or non-animal sources.
  • Period after opening icon: 12 months
  • Packaging:
    • Design:
      Hexagonal prism shape with a clear body and rose gold metallic lid
    • Dispensing type:
      Larger than average doe-foot applicator with a standard cushion pad
    • Material:
      Packaging appears to be entirely made of plastic, including the applicator wand
    • Recyclable:
      I believe the outer packaging/carton is.
      There is no indication that the product packaging is recyclable but the outer carton indicates a ‘green dot’ symbol (meaning Fenty Beauty has made a contribution towards the recovery, sorting and recycling of this product’s packaging through a European recycling scheme).
    • Other comments: IT’S SO FRICKING PRETTY!
    • Ratings:
      • Ease of application: 5/5
        Very easy
      • Hygiene: 5/5
        (provided you don’t have herpes, for eg, and stick the wand directly onto that and then back into the tube)
      • Bag friendly: 4/5
        Small but chunky. Lid clasps tightly
      • Travelling long distances: 5/5
        Very secure packaging
      • Overall feel: 5/5
        Pretty and solid packaging that reflects the price – not let down


  • Dispensed amount:
    More than the standard amount of lipgloss which is expected considering this product has an “XXL wand”

    • How much do I need: One dip into the tube is sufficient to cover my small-medium lips
  • Formula:
    • What it is: liquid
    • Description: pretty thick
  • Coverage and pigmentation:
    Low coverage – completely clear base. Only “coverage” and “pigment” is provided by the glitter particles
  • Kick up in pan/ fall out on face: n/a
  • Blend ability:
    Perfectly fine, very smooth blend ability for a thick lipgloss
  • How fast do I have to work with this:
    Take your sweet time, there’s no dry time
  • Build ability:
    You can build this up as much as you like. The lipgloss itself remains sheer/clear in colour but the amount of glitter reflexes increases
  • Feel on the skin:
    Very comfortable considering how thick this gloss is.
    You can definitely feel it on the lips so it’s not ‘light’ but it’s definitely not heavy.
    Better than expected for a lipgloss this thick.
    Slightly sticky but not unbearable – part of why this gloss has an incredible wear time
  • Type of finish: High shine, wet look with super fine glitter reflexes. Milky finish
    • Feathering? none
  • Smudging:
    Definitely smudges, as is expected of a lipgloss
  • Transfer test:
    Definitely transfers however, a good amount of the product still remains on the lips
  • Cast and flashback: n/a
  • Oxidation: n/a
  • Does the colour change after the product dries? n/a
  • Water resistance:
    • VERY water resistant but not waterproof
    • Very impressed
    • This didn’t even completely come off when I washed it with soap!
  • Longevity:
    • High for a lipgloss
  • Staining: Doesn’t stain the skin but can leave loads of tiny glitter particles


Claims: Company vs Consumer

Company claims:

  • On packaging:
    • “Universal lip luminizer”: it’s clear so definitely universal (although I find that when I wear the gloss alone, it seems to unflatteringly accentuate my dark, hyperpigmented lips and makes them look slightly purplish)
      Very luminising
    • “Addictive shine”: hell yes
    • “Nourishing wear”: one of the most moisturising lip glosses I’ve ever worn
    • “Universal finishing touch”: yes, due to the lipgloss’s colour being clear
  • Online (
    • “Explosive shine”:
    • “Feels as good as it looks”:
    • “Ultimate finishing touch to any look”:
      Agreed, this shade in particular looks very flattering on top of other lip colours or for people with naturally very pink/red pigmented lips
    • “Wash of shimmering pearl”:
      Partially agree. There is a little hint of shimmering pearl/ milky finish but it’s mainly a clear gloss base with very silver, reflective silver glitter
    • “Dewy highlight for your lips”:
      This is actually kind of how I would describe it as well tbh
    • “One luscious swipe of Gloss Bomb’s XXL wand gives lips more to love”:
      Agreed, one swipe is enough
    • “Conditioning shea butter enriches from within”:
      There’s a fair amount of shea butter in the formula (read more for further analysis on all ingredients) so I’d say this is fair. The conditioning effect isn’t probably only attributed to the shea butter but the butter definitely contributes.
    • “Lips look instantly fuller and smoother”:
      Fuller, yes because this is high-shine and smoother – yes, as expected from most lipglosses
    • “non-sticky formula”:
      Depends. If rubbing the lips together, it’s not sticky. If you kiss someone or your hair gets caught in it, it is sticky (just like any gloss).
      If you’re wearing another lipstick underneath the gloss, depending on the lipstick’s formula, the gloss and lipstick will mesh and can give rise to a sticker formula (eg when I wore this with an Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick)
      A little stick is needed for a higher longevit!
    • “super shiny”:
      Fo sho

Overall consumer claims/ feedback from previous customers:

  • Positives:
    • Versatile:
      Agreed as this is a clear based gloss. Plus you can sheer out the amount of glitter particles or add more
    • Very moisturising:
  • Negatives:
    • Underwhelming and mediocre:
      I don’t 100% agree in that I’ve never seen a clear lipgloss this glittery with fine specs but I also don’t 100% disagree either because it is just essentially a glittery lipgloss
      Seems like you either love it or hate it
    • Not something that can be used daily:
      Whilst there’s a high concentration of glitter particles in this gloss, you can just apply a little less gloss and therefore less glitter and bamn, it can be used daily


How to Use

  • Best technique
    • Just swipe onto the lips
    • If applying on top of another colour, apply product onto finger tips otherwise there’s a chance of the lip colour mixing with the gloss in the tube. Then apply product onto lips by dabbing
  • Best tools
    • The wand itself or fingers.
      Too thick to be faffing around with brushes/ the wand is fab so it’s unnecessary
  • How does it layer on top of other products:
    • Very well
    • I’ve had issues of glosses mixing with my other lip products they’ve been applied on top of and just creating a gloopy mess. This sits on top without disrupting the lip products underneath too much.
      It does, over time, mesh with the underneath product, making the lips feel a little stickier than if the gloss were to be applied alone but nowhere near as disruptive as other glosses
  • Can it be used wet (e.g. adding some fix plus+)? no
  • Best way to remove: Break down with an oil, wash as normal with a cleanser and then remove with micellar water if any residue is left


The Science

  • List of ingredients:
  • Analysis of the formula/ ingredients
    • Likely used as skin conditioning agents/ emollients to nourish, soften or moisturise the lips
    • Likely to have been used as a viscosity/thickening agent, bulking agent or binding [or other similar uses like increasing slip of the product, making the product smoother, creating a film usually to help increase longevity and water resistance, shine]
    • Helps keep stuff together
    • Likely used to add sparkle 
    • Likely to be used as preservatives or to otherwise help maintain the performance of the product (some of the ingredients may not be used for these reasons but happen to also have some microbial impact)
    • {May cause potential concerns/ irritation}
    • Good for the skin:
      • Shea butter
      • Tocopherol
      • Ascorbate
      • Lactic acid – AHA, helps to exfoliate skin
      • PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-1 – great for strengthening the skin and helping to repair the skin from visible damage. Some research suggests it may have anti-aging benefits
      • NOTE: most of these appear in a lower concentration so the extent to which you would see the benefits of these is also on the lower spectrum.
    • This is not 100% factually what each ingredient is used for, but a generic idea and guide. For example, some ingredients that have been highlighted as skin conditioning agents may be used as fragrance ingredients whilst some
  • Overall comments on the formula/ ingredients:
    • Not super harmful so reasonable for sensitive skin types
    • Appear to be quite a few plastic ingredients
    • Overall, standard lipgloss formula
    • Mixture of (likely) naturally derived and non-natural products
    • Addition of a couple of non-typical lipgloss ingredients that are positive (lactic acid and PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-1) although they appear in a lower concentration
  • Cautions
    • Try to use an opaque lip colour and SPF underneath the gloss/ SPF when not in use
    • This is before lipglosses in general can bounce around sun rays on the lips, which can cause greater sun damage for the skin (it’s like a reflector) that if no gloss was applied
      Also this formula contains lactic acid which is an ingredient that can lead to a further increased risk to sun damage
  • Can I use everyday, night vs day, weekly or is it a special occasion, once in a while type of formula?
    • Debatable answer
    • All I’ll say is if you do use it daily, as with any lipgloss, but particularly this one due to the inclusion of lactic acid, please be careful to protect your lips from the sun as mentioned above
  • How it will impact your skin in the future
    • Potential skin damage/ageing from the sun due to it being a lipgloss + the formula containing lactic acid



  • Overall opinion:
    Although this particular shade isn’t my favourite which is all personal preference, the formula of this gloss, however, is fantastic. Definitely one of my favourite gloss formulas.
  • Overall pros:
    • Moisturising
    • Better than your average lipgloss’s formulation
    • Better longevity than other glosses
  • Overall cons:
    • Can leave behind little glitter specs after removal if not removed thoroughly
    • Can look a little purplish on darker/ hyperpigmented lips when worn alone (like mine)
  • Type of person it is for:
    • Anyone
    • If using without another lip colour underneath, better suited for those without  dark, hyper pigmented lips
  • Skin undertones this suits best:
    • Purely because the glitter reflexes are silver, cool toned skins but can look equally great on other undertones
  • Skin tones this suits best:
    • This seems to suit fairer, lighter and medium skin tones better purely because the silver glitter reflects light if there are too many glitter particles on the lips and therefore a lot of light reflection going on, it can look too “light” and wash out darker skin tones
      Also, darker skin tones tend to have warmer undertones vs cool
    • I have currently (summer tan) have medium-tan skin and it can look a little odd on me at times
  • Worth the price?
    • Generally worth the price? yes
    • Worth the price considering how much it costs per gram? still, yes. It’s a fantastic formula
  • Will I use it again? Yes
    Will I buy it again? This particular lipgloss, yes. This particular shade, no. Should Fenty Beauty release more shades that I like, I’ll definitely be buying/ I’ll definitely be purchasing the “Fenty Gloss” gloss bomb (the OG)
  • Overall rating: 9.2/10

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