summer wardrobe musts


Anything open toed and lightweight, that’s where it’s at: grab yourself some causal sandals or flip flops to check the “flats” box and level up with sandal heels and wedges.

Sliders seem to still be going strong but personally, they’re an absolute miss for me. I’ve always seen them as an at-home pair of shoes but if you’re feeling them, wear them like they’ve never been worn before.


Anything flowy like a kaftan or a maxi and anything with a thin shoulder strap like a bodycon I feel are always summer perfect.

Make sure to have a gorgeous night-out-dress. My suggestion would be to go for something that is floor length, very flowy in design (a wrap around dress or something with a slit) that’s made out of a light, breathable material so that it can be a long sleeved piece. Oh my, how long sleeves add such a level of sophistication to a dress. To really channel that inner glamour, go for a slinky material which has a SLIGHT reflective sheen to it like the tan coloured dress in the widget below.


Loose camisoles and well fitted cropped tops? Yes please, especially if they’re off of the shoulder.


Current status: obsessed with high waisted swimming bottoms.


Arguably the MOST key staple of summer.
Floppy hats have the ability to really add that extra dimension to your outfit and if you pick a well designed one, it can add a certain glamour, elegance and mystery to you.


You can never ever ever go wrong with a stylish pair of distressed denim shorts. Never! I mean not unless it’s half riding up your backside and basically qualifies for a pair of swimming bottoms, then maybe you can go wrong.


Now not every single second of summer is hot and so it’s always smart to have that back-up cardigan. I find the most flattering are those that reach below the bottom or longer, are made of a thin material, have a waterfall draping quality to them and have sleeves that are skin tight. Do you agree?

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