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I, Simren Sohal, (“I”, “myself”, “my”, “me”, “Owner”, “Simren Sohal”), operate and own (“Site”).

This page describes and informs you about the information that is collected, recorded and stored by myself, how this is done and how that information is used. Please carefully and thoroughly read through this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) in its entirety as your use of any part of this Site is deemed as your acceptance of this Policy. Wherever you find that you do not agree with any of these privacy practices and policies, you must discontinue use of this Site immediately.

1. Definitions:
1.1.  Content (“Content”) includes, but is not limited to: creative ideas, comments, content suggestions, writings, photographs, images, audio recordings, video recordings, graphics, links, programs, feedback data (including but not limited to questionnaires, surveys and comments and suggestions providing feedback), layout and or coding of the Site, that originate from you, myself or any other third party.
1.2. Personal information (“Personal Information”) is defined as any information that contains, discloses or provides the e-mail address, telephone number, first and last name, billing, shipping and post address, payment card number and expiry date or any other piece of information that identifies you or any other person.

2. Changes to this Privacy Policy:
2.1. I reserve the right to revise, amend, change and update any part of this Policy, at any time. Your continued use of any part of this Site is deemed as your acceptance of these changes and your agreement to adhere to and be bound by the most recent version of this Policy. You should therefore regularly check back on this page for any updates or changes to the Policy.

3. Security of you information:
3.1. The security of your Personal Information is of great importance to me, so you can be assured that, unless I am legally obliged, I do not ever give or sell your Personal Information to any third party without your consent. However, despite my best efforts, I am unable to guarantee the absolute security of this Personal Information as the submitting, uploading, transmitting, posting or storing of any such sensitive information on the Internet or on any electronic device is never absolutely secure. Thus, doing so is at your own risk.

4. Access to your Data:
4.1. You have the right to request for a copy of any of your Personal Information that I hold. Please note there will be a small fee to obtain this that will not exceed £50 (FIFTY GBP).

5. Log data:
5.1. This Site makes use of log files that automatically collect certain data, including IP addresses (Internet Protocol address), the type of web browser you are using and the version, the date and time you access this Site, the pages you visit on this Site, referrer and exit pages and ISP (Internet Service Provider). I am unable to personally identify you from any of this information. This information is used for research purposes in order to obtain a broad user demographic, to track user movement on this Site and to improve the services and products I offer in order to better customise this Site and its content for its visitors.

6. Cookies:
6.1. A cookie is a file that contains a small amount of data that is stored on your computer’s hard drive through you web browser when you visit a website. This Site makes use of cookies to provide users a quicker and easier experience by storing the settings and preferences of visitors and helping the Site to recognise you when you return to this Site. This Site also uses cookies to improve your experience and better customise the Site for users by storing information about the areas of the Site that you and visitors access, the links you and visitors follow and the type of browser you use. You can restrict, block, delete and disable cookies at any time through your browser’s privacy settings. For more assistance, you can consult your browser’s “Help” menu, located in the toolbar of most web browsers, to see how to change your cookie settings. However, cookies help parts of this Site to be accessed as designed and appear or function as designed.
6.2. Third party cookies: This Site may contain links to third party websites, embedded content such as an Instagram feed, YouTube videos, third party adverts and third party analytical companies such as Google that may place cookies on this Site. They are used to obtain web analytics such as information about the areas of the Site that you and visitors access and the type of browser you use and other statistical information such as responses to advertisements that may appear on this Site. Please note that at this moment in time, this Site does not feature any such third party adverts but this Site does contain affiliate network links. I do not have any access to or control over third party cookies that are sent and accessed by a third party; therefore it is the privacy policy of such third parties that applies to these cookies. You should read the privacy policies of such third parties in their entirety.

7. Third parties:
7.1. This Site may contain links to other websites however I do not control or own these websites and this Policy does not extend to your use of such websites. Therefore, I am not responsible for any of the content contained on or through such third party websites nor am I responsible for the privacy practices and policies of such third party sites. You are therefore advised to read the Privacy Policy of any third party website you visit, in its entirety.

8. What Other Information I Collect, How I Collect it and How I Use it:
In addition to what has already been mentioned in this Policy, I may collect and use the following information:
8.1. Personal Information: This Site and its Owner may store Personal Information belonging to you and other users, however, such information can only be stored if you directly submit, upload, transmit, post or otherwise provide it to this Site and its Owner. This may be collected through any competitions or giveaways that you participate in that are endorsed or promoted by myself, when registering for an account on this Site, purchasing services or goods on this Site or through communications between you and I via e-mail, postal mail, telephone, contact forms on this Site or any other means by which a two way communication between you and I may be established. I may use your e-mail address, telephone number or any other piece of identifying information through which I may communicate with you, both online and offline, in order to contact or notify you about: competitions or giveaways you are a part of, orders or notices that are required by law or pertain to the provision of this Site (including but not limited to changes and updates to this Policy or the Terms of Use of this Site).
8.2. Information that does not personally identify: This Site and its Owner may store information that is about or from you but does not identify you personally by collecting information about the parts of this Site and the links contained on this Site that you and visitors access and Content that you and other submit, upload, transmit, post or otherwise provide to me through or on this Site. Such Content may be in response or reaction to surveys, promotions, advertising, services (including this Site and its Content) and products that I make available to you or when making use of comment facilities on this Site. This information is used for research purposes in order to improve the services and products I offer in order to better customise this Site and its content for its visitors.

For any questions or further information, concerns or complaints about this Privacy Policy or formal legal notices, please contact

This page was last updated on 11/03/2017

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